EP13- Spiritual energy in a home is often overlooked during a sale

Spirituality is a very personal experience and so is buying a home. The energy a home is giving off is just as important as the presentation. If you walk in a house and it flows, feels good, or looks good, that’s the energy. Susanna Delman, a Energy Architect at Essential Clearing, discusses how clearing spiritual energy can make a difference in a home. 
"Susanna is an Energy Architect who works to create the shifts you desire in your home, your office and your life. She is a recognized expert on flower essences for animals and people with more than 20 years working both nationally and internationally. Susanna is a certified flower essence counselor, is a trained animal communicator, holds a Master of Public Health and is a Reiki Master. Susanna is the mastermind behind Essential Clearing and owns AnimalRx Essences and Inflorescence Flower Essences. She has been featured in Satya Magazine, as well as Swell! Magazine. Susanna is available to assist you and your companion animals with your emotional and behavioral needs. Visit www.nurturetransform.comand www.animalrxessences.com. Www.essentialclearing.comto come sometime in 2018.”
During this episode we discuss:
  1. Home Clearings 
  2. Flower Essentials 
  3. Remote Clearings 
  4. Different Types of Energy
  5. Why Use Home Clearings 
  6. The Results 
  7. Intentional Energy
  8. Meditative Spaces
About your host Kerri
It all began with the game of Monopoly®
I grew up in the late 1970s-early 1980s when video games were either unavailable or too pricey for my welfare-dependent family. So I played board games; Monopoly was my favorite. I developed my version of the game, with credit cards, loans, and renters, by the time I was eight.
After working since age 14, and saving most of my pay, I set a goal—to become a homeowner by the time I was 25. One crack house in Oakland became “home sweet home” the day I turned 25.
Three years later my boss, Moe, at the tattoo shop asked when I was going to purchase an income property. I claimed not to have adequate savings. That’s when Moe taught me the power of leverage.Over the next couple of years, friends and family would ask me for real estate advice. After being repeatedly told, “You have given me better advice than my agent” or “If you were an agent I would use you,” I earned my license in 2006.When the housing market crashed, I had to learn and adapt quickly. Instead of praying for a market recovery I looked for opportunities. My first question, “Who would be buying or selling in a market like this?” Two answers: Investors and short sellers.
Investors came quickly; I am one and know the business. Short sellers came later when I met Monica Cabrera, an agent with an unmatched local short-sale track record. We joined forces and formed the Bay Area Short Sale Angels,* now Northern California’s #1 short sale team, in 2008. (www.BayAreaShortSaleAngels.com).
We have helped families, individuals, and investors avoid foreclosure and improve their financial future and outlook. Staying on top of the market has made us a trusted resource and trainer to other agents. Our 98% success ratio is unheard of in a business with a 50% national success rate. Our team of five now includes a successful buyers’ specialist.
I have been a top producer for the last two years and enjoyed every detail of my work. I get to help others achieve their goals and, most importantly, to feel hopeful about their future. Thinking outside the Monopoly box led me to become the successful agent, team leader, and homeowner advocate I am today.
About your co-host Keith 
Keith B Dixon is a freelance commercial photographer, specializing in corporate event photography, corporate executive and on-location, group portraits. Throughout his career, he has photographed high profile clients including the U.S. Chief Judges of the U.S. Appellate Courts, several Bay Area Executives and many celebrities from around the world. Keith has also worked with corporate clients across the United States and abroad. He is an Official Ambassador for Dye  Sub Printer Maker DNP Imaging of America, NETGEAR (the number one producer of Networking and Cloud Based Storage), and affiliations to Spider Holster, Think Tank, and Arkon Mounts. He is a legend on social media, known for creating The Keith B. Dixon Zone on Periscope and Facebook Live and is the founding member of the popular Bomb Squad Photography Community.
In 2015, Keith was ranked #3 in the world as a Cloud-Based Influencer by Onalytica. He also created a series of free workshop for beginning photographers, the Keith B. Dixon Meetups. More than just a photographer or a social media guru, Keith is a true trailblazer, paving the way and educating those coming behind him.

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Jonas Elander
Thirty Seven Meida Publishing
Spark Social Group
©Kerri Naslund-Monday
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